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Credit Card Settlement

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In times of financial adversity, many resort to using credit cards to pay for groceries, utility bills, vehicle or home repairs, and more. Financial advisors stress the importance of having savings to use during emergencies, but some emergencies may drain the average savings account instantly. If you’re out of work for multiple months, your hard-earned funds can disappear before you find another source of income.

These days, credit card companies charge exorbitant amounts of interest. This creates a vicious cycle, in which borrowers make substantial payments every month but don’t reduce the principal because it all goes toward interest. Even the most fiscally responsible individuals and families can find themselves looking for ways out of unmanageable debt.

At JM Law Firm, APC, we may be able to help you settle your credit card debt for less than what you owe. We can use strategic negotiation tactics to convince your creditors that settlement is in their best interests. If we succeed, you can substantially lower the amount you owe without having to file bankruptcy.

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Debt Settlement vs. Bankruptcy

Settlement and bankruptcy are the two main methods of reducing debt. Settlement occurs through creditor negotiations, while bankruptcy is a court-administered procedure that may take several months or several years.

Credit card companies are particularly prone to settle because credit card debt is unsecured (i.e. not guaranteed by collateral, such as a car or house). Because bankruptcy can discharge some unsecured debt in Chapter 13 and, in many cases, all unsecured debt in Chapter 7, credit card companies can save money if they help you avoid bankruptcy by settling your debt. Settling can save you money as well, because you won’t need to pay bankruptcy filing fees.

In some cases, however, bankruptcy is simply a better option. If you are facing particularly dire financial challenges, you may need to eliminate as much debt as possible, which bankruptcy can accomplish better than out-of-court debt settlement. Additionally, bankruptcy triggers the automatic stay, which prohibits all collection activity. Your creditors cannot call you, file lawsuits, or continue tactics such as wage garnishment or foreclosure during the bankruptcy process.

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