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Debt Settlement

Woodland Hills Debt Settlement Lawyer

Helping You Regain Your Financial Footing

If you owe an exorbitant amount of debt, you may be making payments without reducing the principal because of high interest rates. Creditors or debt collectors could be calling you constantly or threatening to file suit. You may be in danger of losing your vehicle or home. No matter what circumstances led you to experience this level of financial hardship, you don’t deserve to struggle everyday simply to make ends meet.

But what are your options? At JM Law Firm, APC, our job is to figure this out for you. While bankruptcy can be a powerful solution for many people, it may not be right for your situation. We may instead recommend debt settlement or negotiation, in which your creditors agree to accept less than what you owe and forgive the rest.

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Types of Cases We Handle

Our team will negotiate with creditors if we believe they may be motivated to accept less than what you owe. Creditors will typically settle your debt if they believe your only other option is to file bankruptcy, which would cause them to lose even more money. In turn, you can pay less than what you owe without going through the process of bankruptcy.

At JM LAW Firm, APC, we can settle:

  • Credit card debt. Credit card companies can be highly motivated to avoid bankruptcy because credit card debt is unsecured, meaning it is dischargeable through bankruptcy (unlike vehicles and real estate).
  • Tax debt. Debt settlement with the IRS is called an Offer in Compromise, which the IRS will accept if they believe your offer is the most they can reasonably expect you to pay.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement allows you to pay a lump sum that is usually less than what you actually owe in order to “settle” your debt. This is something that is offered by third-party companies and you have the ability to negotiate a settlement with debt collectors. This may sound like a good option, however it can also be a risky choice. If you are considering debt settlement, be sure to have an experienced Woodland Hills lawyer by your side. We can ensure that your debt settled fairly.

Pros of Debt Settlement:

  • There is a possibility that your debt will be reduced.
  • You can avoid filing for bankruptcy.
  • Creditors and debt collectors will stop contacting you.

Cons of Debt Settlement:

  • There is a possibility that your creditors do not wish to negotiate.
  • You may end up with more debt. You are unable to make payments, late fees or interest charges may add up. Creditors may also file lawsuits against you.
  • The debt settlement company may charge you a fee even before the whole debt is settled. For example, these companies cannot charge fees until a settlement has been reached. If you have more than one debt, once you have agreed to one, they may charge you for full fees even though you still have other debts pending settlement.
  • There is a chance that debt settlement may negatively impact your credit.

If you are unsure of what to do, reach out to one of our experienced Woodland Hills debt settlement attorneys. We are backed by years of experience and are prepared to show you your best options

Scroll further below to learn about the difference between working with attorneys and debt settlement companies.

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Attorneys vs. Debt Settlement Companies

Settling your debt is possible, but it is never guaranteed. Debt settlement companies often promise to settle your debt for pennies on the dollar. They may convince you to pay them instead of your creditors, explaining that creditors won’t settle until you withhold payments. This false information could cause you to lose even more money in the long run and potentially trigger a lawsuit from an unpaid creditor.

Our qualified lawyers, however, will only recommend debt settlement if we have fully analyzed your situation and believe this is your best option. In short, we are by your side from beginning to end.

Let us handle your debt settlement process. Give us a call at (818) 696-4443 or contact us online today—we offer services in English, Spanish, and Farsi.

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