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Case Results

  • Debt Driven Down to 10% of What was Owed
    $150,000 in Debt to IRS
    Dennis was in real trouble with the IRS. He owed more than $150,000 in debt to the IRS and his bank accounts had been levied. Dennis came to JM Law Firm for help. We were able to get his debt down to just 10-percent of what he owed.
  • Collections Stopped & Debt Cleared
    $200,000 in Debt & Creditor Harassment
    Struggling to keep a family business afloat, Brian had racked up $200,000 in debt, borrowing from one place to pay another. When he couldn’t keep up with bills, creditors sued and the debt continued to grow. Collector calls became so bad he couldn’t ...
  • Wage Garnishment Stopped, Debt-Free Months Later
    $281,000 of Unsecured Debt & Wage Garnishment
    Faced with $281,000 of unsecured debt and lawsuits, Carl, a single father of four, was unable to keep up with payments. When he received a Wage Garnishment notice from his employer and called JM Law Firm for help. We were able to meet with Carl that ...
  • All Medical Debt Cleared After 3 Months
    Medical Debt Out of Control
    Shayna was living a happy life with her husband and young son, when her son got sick. Doctor visit after doctor visit forced Laura to quit her job. Ultimately, her son needed multiple surgeries and the medical debt was out of control. She couldn’t ...
  • All Credit Card Debt Discharged
    Overwhelmed by Credit Card & Student Loan Debt
    Angelica had recently graduated from college. She had a new job making $40,000 a year, but her credit card payments and student loan payments took up all of her spending money. She didn’t want to have to move back in with her parents. JM Law Firm was ...
  • Stopped Foreclosure & Repossession
    Overwhelmed by Mortgage, Car, Credit Card & Utility Bills
    Ray and his wife were behind on their mortgage, car payments, credit cards and utility bills. The bank was ready to foreclose on their home and their cars were at risk of repossession. JM Law Firm was able to stop the foreclosure and repossessions. ...