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Foreclosure Protection and Relief

Foreclosure Protection & Relief Attorneys in Woodland Hills

We Can Help You Avoid or Recover from a Foreclosure

Missing one or even two mortgage payments can rack up a significant amount of debt, but it’s unlikely that your lender will seek foreclosure as long as you can stay current and quickly pay off your arrears. In most foreclosure cases, the lender didn’t begin the process until the borrower was at least three payments past due. If the bank intends to seek foreclosure, you may have ample warning in the form of calls and letters from the lender seeking payment or warning you of its intent to foreclose on your property.

Should you find yourself threatened with foreclosure by your lender, JM Law Firm, APC can help you stop it in its tracks by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy or seeking relief through a short sale. Both of these legal and financial tools require the experience and skill that JM Law Firm, APC’s attorneys offer.

When we opened in 2008, it was the beginning of the housing marketing collapse. Our foreclosure protection and relief attorneys in Woodland Hills were there to help people seek solutions to protect their homes or get free from their mortgage obligations. Just as we did then for people in situations like yours, we can offer assistance now when you are having difficulty affording your home.

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A Short Sale Can Relieve Obligation to a Mortgage

If you’re a homeowner who is having difficulty affording your mortgage, a short sale can help you free yourself from debt. Also known as a pre-foreclosure sale, this strategy can help you sell your home for less than the value of the mortgage to satisfy your debt.

This differs from a foreclosure because the sale is largely on your terms, although you’ll need to get your lender’s approval before you can put your house on the market. It’s not a perfect solution when you’ve encountered financial hardship, but it’s a way to get out from underneath a mortgage you can no longer afford.

This is important because an actual foreclosure can have negative consequences such as:

  • Eviction from your home
  • Loss of all equity you may have created
  • Significant damage to your credit
  • Difficulty finding a new place to live
  • Owing a deficiency balance

Bear in mind that you are unlikely to see any cash in a short sale. Because your home is sold for less than the value of your mortgage, all proceeds are deposited to your lender to satisfy your debt. This is can be a particular point of consideration as you will be giving up your dwelling with no new cash-on-hand for rent or a new mortgage down payment. In essence, if you wish to short sell your home and take out a new and more affordable mortgage, you won’t be able to rely on the short sale proceeds to help.

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Stop Foreclosure by Filing for Chapter 13

If you’ve defaulted on your mortgage and are being threatened by foreclosure, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop the process entirely. When you successfully file a Chapter 13 case, a judge will order an automatic stay that will prevent most of your creditors from undergoing any kinds of collections activity – including foreclosure.

Once the automatic stay goes into effect, you’ll have time to catch up on your mortgage arrears without the immediate threat of foreclosure looming above you. The Woodland Hills foreclosure protection & relief attorneys at JM Law Firm, APC can help you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and develop a repayment plan that can help you catch up on your missed mortgage payments and save your home from repossession by your lender.

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